Masamichi Noro Sensei

MASAMICHI NORO started Aikido at the Aikikai under the Founder, O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba in April 1954.

He was awarded his 1st Dan in September 1955 and his 2nd Dan in September 1956. By April 1958 he received his 3rd Dan. and in September of the folIowing year. his 4th Dan.

He then became assistant Instructor of Aikido at the Aikikai Tokyo, and Teacher of the Aikido Section of the Japanese Navy. He was awarded his 5th Dan in September1960.

Sensei Noro came to Europe in August 1961 and became Official Teacher for the Aikikai in Europe and North Africa together with Sensei Nakazono.

He was resident in France. and visited England. Belgium and Africa to teach Aikido.

In Januarv 1963. he was awarded his 6th Dan from the Headquarters of the Aikikai. Tokyo.

He became the joint International instructor of Aikido to the International Budo Council.

Sensei Norro was the Instructor who introduced the 'Forms' system of teaching Aikido to the U.K.

His Aikido style was softer and more graceful than previous instructors.