MUTSUHARU NAKAZONO started Judo at Tategawa Secondary School in Kagoshirna Province. Japan. and was graded 1st Dan in 1934.

He had been promoted to 4th Dan by 1938, and 5th Dan Judo in 1948 (All Kodokan grades).

Earlier than his Judo. however. he had started at the age of 7 to practice Kendo and took it up again when in the Army.

Hanshi K. Ogawa graded him 3rd Dan Kendo in 1942 at the Butokukwai.

In 1941, Matsuharu Nakazono studied Aikido under the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. and by 1956 he had been promoted to 6th Dan.

He represented the Aikikai in Europe and North Africa and was the joint International Chief Instructor of Aikido for the International Budo Council. (Together with Sensei M.Noro).

Nakazono sensei's technique was the first seen in the UK to both combine the power found with other instructors, with the grace normally associated with Aikido today.

Sensei Nakazono moved to the United States and lived in Sante Fe - New Mexico. He died in Oct 1994.