Kenshiro Abbe Sensei.

Sensei Abbe trained in all the Budo Arts from an early age. Born in 1916, he began Judo at 14 years of age showing a talent of such a high degree that after 2 years he was 2nd Dan.

In 1932 at 16, he became Japan High School Champion in the Judo League of Tokushima, also gaining his 3rd Dan.

By 1934 he had reached 5th Dan. At 18 the youngest ever to attain this rank. At this time he was at the Budo college in Kyoto, coming first in graduation and also winning the top trophy in the 'All Japan - East West Contest' as well as winning the Imperial Contest for 5th dan grades.

Sensei Abbe was the youngest and later the oldest to have won the All Japan Judo championship.

Sensei Abbe, on graduation became Instructor to the Osaka Police, the High School of Kyoto and the special Judo college of the Butokukwai, Japans premiere centre of study for all the Martial Arts, which was founded in 1895.

In 1938 at 23 years he was the youngest ever to attain 6th Dan. In 1945 he was promoted to 7th Dan becoming chief instructor to the Kyoto Police and Doshima University in 1949.

His studies of the other fighting arts were just as remarkable.

Training in Aikido under O'Sensei Uyeshiba for a period of 10 years, he gained the rank of 6th Dan. He was also 5th Dan Karate and 5th Dan Kendo and held Dan grades in Kyudo (archery) and Ju-Kenjitsu (Bayonet fighting).

Sensei Abbe came to England in 1955 at 40 years of age. He founded the British Judo Council and later the International Budo Council in 1958.

He was the first Master to teach Aikido in the United Kingdom.

Abbe Sensei studied Aikido in the Pre-war years, and his practice methods reflected this with great emphasis on physical conditioning and strong technique.

Sensei Abbe was a remarkable talent and is remembered with great respect from his British Students, and more so by the Japanese who still regard him as a legend.