HENRY ELLIS started studying the Martial Arts at the 'Hut' in the early 1950's, studying Judo, Karate and Kendo.

He began practicing Aikido at the 'Hut' in 1957 as one of the first students under Sensei K.Abbe. At this time he also became first Assistant to Sensei K.Williams.

By 1958 from 3rd Kyu onwards, Henry Ellis was teaching at the hut. It was common at this time to teach from 3rd Kyu, as there were so few Dan grades.

In 1959 H.Ellis was awarded 1st Dan Aikido by Sensei Kenshiro Abbe. He was later re-graded by Sensei M.Nakazono (as were all the Dan grades of that period) to official Hombu standards. It was here that he recieved his Shodan certificate, signed by O'Sensei himself.

He then became Assistant National Coach for Aikido under Sensei K.Williams.

Sensei Ellis started his first club in Bracknell in 1962.

In 1963 Sensei Ellis Studied Karate under distinguished Master Sensei M.Harada when he arrived in the UK.

Sensei Ellis Studied under many of the great Aikido Masters.

As well as Sensei K.Abbe, he studied under Sensei Nakazono, Sensei Noro, Sensei Tadashi Abe, Sensei Hishomura, Sensei Tamura, Sensei Tada and Sensei K.Chiba. and was assistant to several of these Masters while they were in the U.K.

In 1968 Sensei Ellis became Assistant National Coach under Sensei K.Chiba, a post he held for several years.

In 2009 he was awarded 6th Dan by Chiba Shihan, one of the worlds most respected Aikido Masters.
In 2010 the 6th Dan award was also ratified by the Aikikai and the award of 6th dan was personally presented by the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba when visiting the UK.

In August 2012, Sensei Ellis was awarded the highest honour of Aikikai Shihan, an award that can only be authorised by the Doshu. This was personally presented by Chiba Shihan at the Hut Dojo, birthplace of British Aikido.

Sensei Ellis is one of the most experienced Aikido instructors in the United Kingdom and is Principal Instructor of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido.