DEREK EASTMAN joined the Abbe school in 1959, becoming Assistant to Sensei H.Ellis in 1961.

He studied Kendo under Tomio O'Tani and Aikido under Sensei K.Abbe, Sensei K.Williams, Sensei M.Nakazono, Sensei M.Noro, Sensei T.Abbe, Sensei Kobayashi, Sensei K.Chiba.

Sensei Eastman was awarded 1st Dan in 1964 from Sensei M.Noro. The Certificate being personally signed by the founder O'Sensei Morehei Uyeshiba.

He was amongst the first Aikidoka after Sensei K.Williams to teach Aikido across the United Kingdom.

Sensei Eastman established the Basingstoke Aikido club in 1968. This club has been running continuously since then, with Sensei Derek Eastman as the Senior instructor.

In 2009 Sensei Eastman was awarded the winner of the Individual Education award
for his services to Aikido at the Basingstoke Place to Be Proud of Awards.

Also in 2009, he was awarded 6th Dan by Chiba Shihan, one of the worlds most respected Aikido Masters.
In 2010 the 6th Dan award was also ratified by the Aikikai and the award of 6th dan was personally presented by the Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba when visiting the UK.

In August 2012, Sensei Eastman was awarded the highest honour of Aikikai Shihan, an award that can only be authorised by the Doshu. This was personally presented by Chiba Shihan at the Hut Dojo, birthplace of British Aikido.